The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices – Custom Songs

1. First Song On The Road
2. Second Song On The Rode
3. We Sing A Song For You (Tebe Poem) – For The Old Host
4. Cheers (Ai, Nazdrave) – For The Old Hostess
5. Cheers To you, Master Of The House (Nazdrave Ti, Chorbadjiio) – For The Young Hostess
6. Beautiful Milka (Houbava Milka) – For A Little Girl
7. We Sing A Song For You (Tebe Poem) – For A Shepherd
8. A Girl Bragged (Pohvali Sa) – For An Unmarried Young Woman
9. A Mighty Boy Is Saddling His Horse (Tsarsko Momche Kon Sedlae) – For A Little Boy
10. Turbid Waters Were Flowing (Protekla E Mutna Voda) – For An Unmarried Young Man
11. Song On Going Out Of The House
12. Oh, Lazar – On The Road
13. Lazarski Bouenets – On Entering The House
14. Lazar Is Coming, Lazar Is Roaming About (Lazar Ide, Lazar Sheta) – For The Old Hostess
15. There’s A Willow, There’s No Willos (Vurba Ima, Vurba Nyama) – For A Young Bride
16. Lazarska Song For The Bride – For The Young Hostess
17. Lazarki – For A Young Girl
18. Beautiful Girl (Moma Houbava) – For An Unmarried Young Woman
19. Young Girls Lazaritsi (Malki Momi Lazaritsi) – For A Young Lad
20. Well, Aren’t We Dancing (Mur Shto Sme Se Razigrali) – For A Young Lad
21. Strapping Nikola, Mother’s Only Son (Levent Nikola Edin Na Mama) – For An Unmarried Young Man
22. Lament For Lazar (Zhalba Za Lazara)